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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Technology |

Kaspersky works in a secure operating system for industrial applications

Kaspersky works in a secure operating system for industrial applications

Since two years ago was known for Stuxnet and Iran’s nuclear power plant, has been much talk of cyber and critical infrastructure protection (not only Internet services but basic infrastructure such as electricity supply). In these months names like Shamoon or Flame have become famous thanks to the publications of some companies that warn of this type of malware that is targeting industrial systems and nuclear power plants, a serious problem that, of course, is also revealed as a potential business line. Although it was something that was rumored, Eugene himself was responsible for confirmation on his blog : Kaspersky is developing a secure operating system for use in industrial applications.

All this specific malware automation and industrial control (eg SCADA) is a serious problem that threatens the delivery of basic services such as electricity, and certainly an “Achilles heel” that can be used to destabilize a country or region. Generally, such systems can not afford the luxury of a “planned outage” or unavailability, so many governments around the world have begun work on the protection of such infrastructure.

Kaspersky has also decided to enter this sector, beyond analyzing the tracks have been finding on Flame or Stuxnet, an operating system developed specifically for industrial environments with a special focus on safety. And how can Microsoft Kaspersky improve? According to the company’s own product focus because of a general purpose operating system (such as Windows), the Kaspersky would install specific industrial applications (without possibility of installing anything that may lead to the entry of malware) .

First, our system is highly focused and developed to solve a single task and not to play Half-Life, edit the video of the holiday or take a look at our social profiles. [...] It will not be possible to run third-party code or install unauthorized applications on your operating system, the most important detail.

Anyway, the project is still in a very early stage but although the company will likely see logically require the collaboration of the companies supplying industrial systems to certify their products and verify that the proposed solution is fully functional and Kaspersky, really safe.

About the status of the project or its specifications are not known many details except the note published by Kaspersky and image illustrating the note with a few lines of code in the system. In my opinion, this bet Kaspersky is interesting and although it requires the combination of multiple parts (suppliers, users and certification bodies) can be an interesting way to protect this type of infrastructure (although a responsible use of industrial equipment and employee awareness is also a leg that should not be forgotten).

Picture: Kaspersky

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