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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Internet |

Keeping the order of our favorites in Mozilla Firefox

Keeping the order of our favorites in Mozilla Firefox

The favorites, or bookmarks, are one of those features that have accompanied the Internet browsers for a long time. This is a very good idea for us to check all those pages that for one reason or another are important, and we want to return on a future sailing.

Best of all is that in most cases save a favorite page is as easy as pressing a button or an icon, something that can often cause we abuse them. In Bitelia have tried many times issues like bookmark management , giving ideas on how to use them and even expanding the possibilities of them by using browser extensions .

There are many that help us to keep everything under control, even if what you have here is a browser with bookmarks too, is perhaps the best sort and then decide what to do. And that serves Bookmarks Auto-Sort , an extension for Mozilla that sorts them alphabetically.

And is that the default Mozilla browser does not order the favorites, something that helps us find them by date marking, but can turn against us in cases like that of course we say, that of having too many in no particular order. Once you’ve installed the extension, available on Mozilla Add-ons page , we will have solved the problem: The list will be sorted alphabetically.

Moreover, we can not change the order of them if we try to move them by dragging with the mouse, something reserved now to favorite folders. As they say in ghacks , where I find the extension, one of the negatives of it is that it has a box with options, but that does not prevent us from changing three features:

  • extensions.sortbookmarks.sortbar
  • extensions.sortbookmarks.foldersbefore
  • extensions.sortbookmarks.autosort

All are enabled by default. The first is to order items from the Favorites bar, while the second specifies whether folders appear above the third favorite and if management is enabled or not.

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