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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 8 to increase your productivity

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 8 to increase your productivity

Last week it launched , one of the products of the year, whether we like it or not, and personally an update that gladly pick also remarkable compared to Windows 7. The new version of the operating system actually provides little except the new Metro interface and a handful of bug fixes and features, in contrast to what it may seem.

What I mean is that any Windows user will be able to handle Windows 8 after spending a few minutes finding out that it is the Metro interface, where Microsoft wants to go, and knowing that whatever we were using until now is still available. A handful of new applications that can serve home users, casual or those who only want a media center where play content, now joins all we had before, and power. One of the things we had before was a list of keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, which is now extended.

Study the list of for Windows 8 has been one of my todo since I installed the system, although it was not until a few hours ago when, by chance, I discovered a list of essential web browsing. With it we are able to do things like display the new Charms bar, access search although we are in the desktop, or exchange between it and the home page. All in the blink of an eye, gaining valuable seconds and boosting our productivity. The list is as follows:

  • Windows key: Switch between Metro and traditional desktop interface.
  • Windows + F: Display the Charms bar, the new sidebar of Windows 8.
  • Windows + X: Open the context menu for the old Home button.
  • Windows + Q: Deploy the application menu and search.
  • Windows + W: Display the settings menu and search.
  • Windows + R: Display settings Charms bar.
  • Windows + F: Display Search for files.
  • Windows + K: Open the Device menu.
  • Windows + Z: Context menu or menu options a native of Windows 8.
  • Windows + O: Fix (lock) the screen orientation, ideal for mobile devices.
  • Windows + V: Show all pending notifications.
  • Windows + Ctrl + B: Direct access to the program that triggered the notification screen.
  • Windows + Point: Stacking the current application to the right, leaving two thirds of free screen.
  • Windows + Shift: Stacking the current application to the left, leaving two thirds of free screen.

Most combinations Learning costs just a few minutes, and surely will come to get a lot out, starting to get used to using Windows own key to switch between applications, for example, are running musical background, while working at desk Traditional, or apply these applications to either side of the screen to centralize our activities in the new Metro interface.

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