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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Technology |

Kibo Robot Project: humanoid robot that will accompany astronauts to the ISS

Kibo Robot Project: humanoid robot that will accompany astronauts to the ISS

A team of Japanese scientists are developing a humanoid robot designed to converse with the astronauts and keep them company on board the International Space Station. Under the so-called Kibo Robot Project is expected in the summer of 2013 the robot astronaut Koichi Wakata accompanying the mission in six months in space.

The idea is that the robot, 34 inches tall and weighing about 1 kilogram, reaches the a few months before the mission begins Wakata. A robot that will be able to recognize facial features astronaut and is being developed by a consortium of companies including Toyota is, Robo Garage Co. and agency Japan Aerospace Exploration.

Along with the recognition of facial features the robot will be able to communicate in Japanese with astronauts and can take pictures during your stay at the station. Then, once you have completed the mission Wakata, the robot will remain on the station to send messages to the various schools in Japan and the rest of the world, being able to send messages on Twitter and other social networks.

A second android is developed at the same time serve as a “public relations” in the Earth showing the capabilities of the device. A machine according to its developers:

Help solve social problems through communication. The main objective is that humans can communicate with the robot and feel close to him. That is why we decided to give it a shape humanize.

If you want to follow the evolution of the project there is a website where organizers explain the process. In addition, it calls on the public to name the robot before the mission starts.

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