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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Internet |

Kim Dotcom displays the Mega Storage Infrastructure

Kim Dotcom

On January 19, 2013 is a date that many have already marked on the calendar because it is the day that Kim Dotcom opens the doors of his new project: Mega , the system in the that comes to cover the gap Megaupload left and that comes with the promise of revolutionizing the network offering, for example, the ability to encrypt your files. Dotcom, via Twitter, usually share the odd ‘pill’ ‘Benefits and, this time, has decided to share some strong> details on the storage infrastructure to support the service.

Through Twitter, Kim Dotcom has shared a photograph of one of the racks that are part of the Mega and infrastructure, so that we can see, Mega will not have space problems since each of the cabinets can accommodate a whopping 720 TB of information (although Dotcom joked that, every day, will fill one of these closets).

Information? 720 TB per day? It may seem an exaggeration, but when the FBI “turned off” Megaupload seized the 1,025 servers (totaling about 25,000 TB of storage capacity) that Dotcom had in Carpethia hosting company, therefore, assume that storage needs Mega will be great, of course, is a forecast rather than logic.

One point on which rests the new Mega as Dotcom forward in his day, is that the architecture of the service will be distributed ( as is the case with The Pirate Bay ) and, therefore, Mega will be supported by a number of partners who will provide the service infrastructure to mount a cloud infrastructure that dispersed data centers worldwide (making it harder to service interruptions and increased fault tolerance, incidents or FBI raids ). Of course, another advantage of the replication of infrastructure and geographic dispersion is that, from the point of view of users, also can greatly improve the speed of access to the service (which, for example, make great companies like Google to geographically dispersed data centers).

Among the images of the platform and all this information is dosing Dotcom through his tweets I have quite looking forward to the 19th of January and we take finally out the new Mega.

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