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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Internet |

Kim Dotcom shows some pictures of the new Mega

Kim Dotcom shows some pictures of the new Mega

One of the more tarry releases of this winter season is, without doubt, the new project of : Mega . This new project of the founder of Megaupload, which will premiere on January 19, aims to offer a storage service in the cloud with which to save your files and share them with other users with an emphasis on safety. With the idea to get you started, Dotcom has decided to share, via Twitter , three images that show us some details of what is to come.

For now, the only thing site that offers is the possibility to enter our email for more information on the service but, in view of the images shared Kim Dotcom, Mega arrive ready to mark a turning point in the field of cloud storage.

One of the most interesting images which shows the encryption to be applied to files that go up to the service, a detail that had been discussed but is now confirmed by the 2048-bit RSA encryption that we are going to apply.

Kim Dotcom shows some pictures of the new Mega image 2

Furthermore, it appears that the service record has focused on simplicity since, to register for the service (or at least that’s what the picture shows Dotcom shared on Twitter) all you have to provide is an email address, a password and your name.

Kim Dotcom shows some pictures of the new Mega image 3

In my opinion, the image that best taste left me is, without doubt, the file manager. From what we can see in the pictures, and as was mentioned before, Mega offer users a storage space that can be treated, for practical purposes, as a hard disk where you climb and classify files in folders . Additionally, it is striking to see a section of contacts and other messages, which suggests mechanisms for sharing files with other users of the service (our friends) as well as implementing messaging to facilitate interaction and, of course, the exchange of data .

Kim Dotcom shows some pictures of the new Mega image 4

It is clear that, as of January 19, Kim Dotcom will give much to talk about for the next year.

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