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Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Internet |

Kim Dotcom willing to invest in a new submarine cable to New Zealand

Kim Dotcom willing to invest in a new submarine cable to New Zealand

Clearly Kim Dotcom, Megaupload founder, has decided not to sit still and is preparing his return to the net in style. This week, Dotcom we presented the Mega Web , a new storage service in the cloud, like several weeks ago showed us a video introduction to Megabox music service that aims to mark a turning point in the content industry by presenting a new distribution model that will turn the business of record. Undoubtedly, Mega, which is placed in service on 19 January, will revolutionize the network and is expected to increase Internet traffic so thinking of his countrymen, Dotcom wants to improve Internet access infrastructure New Zealand relaunching the failed project of submarine cable directly with the United States and even offer free access to citizens.

The news, which has been published in various media in the country, follows the thread of a conversation via Twitter of with the dome of Pacific Fibre, the company that would manage the project of laying of a second submarine cable to New Zealand and that, due to lack of funding, this project had to cancel that theoretically would be in place by 2014. According to Dotcom, Mega can be a reason to revive this project and a funding source.

The plan is that, thanks to Mega, Dotcom to finance the project (although Pacific Fibre is complicated that America give its final approval to the connection) and O nce deployed cable, it provide access to the country’s ISPs rather unique model. According to Dotcom, once stretched infrastructure (which is more expensive and that pays long-term), maintenance is cheap and therefore ISPs offer access to the country for free if to offer Internet access and charging citizens to use public institutions and companies:

Given that ISPs control the “last mile” and offer connection equipment (such as routers), they could continue to bill users but would drive down costs by 15% -20% while providing a connection between three and 5 times faster without traffic restrictions or transfer limits

In the view of Dotcom, and some shareholders more could be provided $400 million to finance the project (cable 12.950km) that also could serve as a basis to generate direct and indirect employment through the development of centers powerful data and Internet industry in New Zealand. Not surprisingly, the Association of Internet New Zealand commented that they support the idea and if anyone can carry it out because Dotcom is precisely the expansion plan of the government broadband got stuck by the need to one second submarine cable that connected the country to the outside.

It seems clear that this coming 2013, the Internet will be very marked by the signing of Dotcom. The investment in a submarine cable, of course, is a good way to work for net neutrality.

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