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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Features, Reviews |

Kindle Fire HD, analysis

Kindle Fire HD, analysis

After a resounding success in the world of e-books, Amazon has decided to plunge into the world of tablets with the first Kindle Fire . A year later comes the Kindle Fire HD , a simple and inexpensive model that aims to shake or at least do some damage to the hegemony of the iPad. We will analyze in detail all its features.


Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 2

The Fire presents a sober, elegant matte black. It has in its rear area with a plastic strip which includes speakers that incorporate proprietary technology of Dolby Digital, with two exits on each side to create surround sound. Only has 3 buttons, one lock (which is barely noticeable, for better or for worse) and two for volume control. The design of this tablet is designed to be used horizontally for most of the time (except for reading) as can be seen by the position of the buttons or the front camera.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 3

One aspect that surprised me to hold your weight is because despite its small size has a weight of 395 grams, about 100 grams more than you can weigh the iPad Mini, for example. It is not an exaggeration, but if you have a certain feeling of heaviness to hold.

It also includes two tickets in the lower one for another microUSB and mini HDMI for data transfer and charging.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 4

Processor, battery and connectivity

The Kindle Fire HD includes a 1.2 GHz OMAP 4460 processor DualCore with Imagination PowerVR graphics card, more than enough to run all kinds of programs and games smoothly. Furthermore optimized the software definition of the touch surface, thereby reducing the time of response from the user presses the screen.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 5

The battery life of a device is one of the most crucial characteristics for users. The Kindle Fire has a great performance by providing up to 11 hours of battery in full use today is the tablet that offers greater autonomy. With moderate use can significantly prolong the life not having to charge it for several days.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 6

As for connectivity, incorporates a dual antenna wifi technology multiple input and output, this innovation allows reception and simulcast on both antennas, thus significantly improves the framerate further reducing potential connection failures. However not include 3G connectivity, a fundamental sincerely for a tablet and limiting outdoor use.


One of the most important features in this model compared to the baseline. It has an LCD screen with a resolution of 1280×800 and a high contrast for easier viewing. The pixel density offered is 170 dpi, considerably lower than the iPad retina with 246 dpi, but something better than their competition the iPad Mini, with 163 dpi. Still offers very good image quality, thanks in part to increased contrast colors offering very crisp. Another interesting feature is the use of technology IPS (In Plane Switching), with which you get better picture quality from any angle, by adding a polarizing filter on the LCD layer.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 7

While reading eBooks on this device is quite comfortable, not comparable to the rest of the components of the Kindle family with its E Ink screen, thanks in part to the absence of reflexes and greater sharpness, thus avoiding that tired eyes.


Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 8

One of the most important and interesting detail is the operating system that incorporates. It features a modified version of Android 2.3, which eliminated any unnecessary frills, focusing in a very clear in content. The user interface can be a little complex at first, since many arrive with predefined idea of Android. A central carousel taskbar mode, indicates the most recent at the top we found a bar where you can access all content (apps, books, web …). One aspect that Android does retain the more traditional, is the top bar notifications, which also includes several tools for configuration.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 9

Another very important aspect is the improvement in the app store, one of the great problems of Android. There has been a significant filter applications available, but maintaining a considerable supply of quality.

One of the curious features, most discussed is the presence of advertising on the block page. It is a detail that is can be somewhat annoying, but not something that you can not live with. He said that by paying € 15 could be eliminated, but there is still no information.


I think the camera on a tablet is not a particularly important aspect, except for use in video calling. In this regard, Amazon has focused solely on that aspect, incorporating a 1.2 Megapixel front camera to use in applications such as Skype (factory preinstalled on the device). So much so that no special software is included to be able to capture with the camera.

Kindle Fire HD, analysis image 10


Only has two models of 16 and 32 Gb, but really the space available is approximately 12 and 26 GB respectively. So the lower model may be a little lacking if we add a lot of files.

Like the iPad with iCloud, the Kindle Fire includes full integration with Amazon Cloud Drive. This way we keep a copy of all our applications and files in the cloud. We have 5 GB of free storage, but we can expand our plan for payment until 20 50 100 200 500 or 1000 GB



Although it sounds basic, I think first of all before buying any type of device, it must be clear two aspects. Mainly we use to give our needs and on the other hand, depending on the possibilities as we are willing to pay for it. The is a tablet that offers a very good performance, which is centered in a very clear content. As mentioned at the beginning, one of its greatest assets is the price, with which to draw the attention of a large number of users. That said we must determine the limitations he has, in terms of materials or the presence of advertising on the block page, aspects that are subordinated to the option of offering a very affordable device. For all you people who are asking a tablet, is surfing the internet, using a game or reading books, is undoubtedly the best choice. In addition to advanced users, you can just stay in some respects.

The Kindle Fire HD can be obtained from the website of Amazon for $199 the 16GB model or $249 the 32 Gb

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