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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in News |

Kinect adds support for Windows 8

Kinect adds support for Windows 8

The gaming world has its adherents and Microsoft does not forget them. Microsoft has released an update with many notable improvements to use in Windows 8 as well as added support to the Chinese market.

Many developers have realized the importance and all applications can have the Kinect sensor. It is capable of many things and is useful in the medical field, in retail stores and anywhere else where you need to take motion data and voice to interact better with machines.

The Kinect SDK supports was released yesterday. This update is a direct response to requests from developers. The new version of Kinect introduces a number of enhancements that allow direct access to sensor data. The guys at Microsoft want the Kinect platform make a well in the computing environments in addition to the Xbox.

The major new features that bring the new is the ability to have access to much more data than before such as the 3-axis accelerometer to detect orientation. Data also provide the details that are more than 4 feet away although they are not very accurate. As for the camera, now can change the brightness and exposure allowing a greater degree of freedom to the developer. All this has an end and that the goal is to create an ecosystem of high quality applications.

Support for Windows 8 now lets developers create useful solutions to better interact with the applications for this operating system. In addition, Microsoft wants to expand its Kinect technology opening more markets: China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Puerto Rico.

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