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Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Technology |

Kinecticate: Kinect helps send emails to people with aphasia

Kinecticate: Kinect helps send emails to people with aphasia

The Kinect from Microsoft has emerged as a very versatile device that has crossed the border to become leisure development platform (low cost) with which to work on projects related to motion capture, augmented reality or processing real-time images. Thanks to the possibilities of this gadget and ingenuity of developers have seen how this device can help people suffering from any kind of disease and to help them to have something more than autonomy and facilitate their access to mobile devices or computers. This path is precisely what has been touring Chad Ruble , a developer who has implemented a system based on with his mother, who suffers from aphasia, can send emails in a simple way.

The project, named Kinecticate , implements a very simple system (based on a very visual dashboard) with which the user can compose emails moving with the movement of your hand, a cursor to select a set of icons (which symbolize moods) and a series of “multipliers” or “attenuators” to qualify these statements (“I’m very happy”, “I’m kinda happy”, etc).

Ruble’s mother, who has been the client for which the system is designed, have aphasia for about 12 years as a result of a stroke and in a world where social networks and electronic messaging is being forced on the phone, technological gap that existed Ruble wanted to save and make technology more accessible. still in a very early stage and, according to the developer itself, there are still some aspects to complete and improve, for example, completing the message options to send, ie extending the dashboard of options available and, with this idea, is open to any suggestion or contribution to improve the system.

And what does this system? In this case, aphasia sufferer Ruble’s mother prevented him use a keyboard because it was not able to recognize the characters with which he could not operate a computer, much less, send an email. A very interesting idea to offer a panel of icons that serve to draft the text of a message and also combining Kinect, for ease of handling.

The potential application support Kinect as related to accessibility, of course, is huge.

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