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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Uncategorized | your internet readings on your Kindle or mobile your internet readings on your Kindle or mobile

Many times the ideas that work best are so obvious and simple that do not usually make noise and go unnoticed. I think this is the case , a collection of bookmarklets or buttons that are installed in the menu bar of your browser and make everything cliquees go directly to your Kindle, to your Evernote or mobile phone.

Although we spent a lot of time in front of her computer screen is not the best reading experience, and those who agree with me that have a or other e-ink reader: gladly give up the colors and fonts if you also leave the banner ads, pop-ups and interruptions in the text. Furthermore, what usually happens is that throughout the day we will find articles and links that interest us but we keep to read later by length or lack of time by the time they reach us. you lets put all this stuff on your Kindle in your Evernote, Instapaper or on your mobile phone so you can read from these in the free time you have.

All this through a button on your browser that will cause two things to occur in a few seconds when pressed:

  • All advertising, banners, pop-ups and other content than the article itself, the text will disappear leaving clean (with photos) so you can read it from the Kindle, or Android phones.
  • Items are transferred in seconds to your Kindle library or your mobile device.

Depending on where you want to send your reading, you have several options:

  1. Selection by own browser button to your Kindle : As we told you can send to your Kindle what you read on the web, clicking the bookmarklet every time you see a page or item you’re interested. Items (no ads or pop-ups, ie only format text and photos) will be adding to your Kindle library instantly. With keyboard shortcuts to preview, Kindle send, save and send by email.
  2. RSS to Kindle: you can select or create a folder on your GReader for all your subscriptions you add to your Kindle, with maximum upgrades that you define (up to 100).
  3. Selection itself to Evernote, Instapaper or email: by extending EverRead you add to your browser.
  4. Select your own Android device: The Android app called Read It , and automatically synchronize your mobile send everything through the browser extension.
  5. Synchronize your Google calendars with your Kindle : A extra, which is in Beta but works pretty well. Send a copy of your Google Calendar to your Kindle.
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