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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Curiosities |

Koker-1: the Iran drone manufactured with Photoshop

Koker-1: the Iran drone manufactured with Photoshop

Almost a year since I announced to the world that Iran had captured a U.S. drone that was spying on its territory and that, as was leaking, was hacked by exploiting a vulnerability in its navigation system GPS. Thinking that perhaps had been reverse engineering the device, that earlier this month announced the development of its first drone vertical takeoff and landing was something that surprised us and came within what could be expected, without But a few weeks after the announcement and the publication of a photo, a British blogger has stretched the Iranian government announcement with a curious discovery: the photo published by Iran corresponds to an image of a Japanese university that has been touched up with software editing, ie a fake.

Gary Mortimer, a British blogger who specializes in the world of aviation, has been commissioned to remove the image officially published by the government of Iran with this finding as singular. As reported in his blog, when he saw the image of the Iranian drone thought he looked familiar and had seen it somewhere (despite posting an entry on his blog announcing the milestone reached by Iran). After beating around the bush and come to the conclusion that the design of unmanned aircraft already existed, began searching and found the answer to your question: the drone shown by Iran was QTW UAV , a research project conducted by Chiba University in Japan that had been presented in 2008.

Mortimer leaves the reader to draw his own conclusions and let in the air, perhaps, Iran may have acquired a drone for experiments (since it sold the company GH Craft) and therefore the Koker-1 (which is the name of the drone) can be derived from this plane. However, when comparing the official image of Iran with Chiba University is making almost the same except 3 fans who are the bottom and do not get in the Iranian image and, of course, except for that detail everything is equal and “the thesis of Photoshop” takes some force.

According to The Register , not the first time Iran publishes information out of and that within the bubble can not be refuted by the citizens but from outside the country, it seems clear that the image is tricky. However, the Iranian government announced in January (the anniversary of the revolution) is expected to present this drone in society, will have to see if it really shows and if pictures Koker-1 in operation are really Made in Iran.

Picture: Suas News and Algemeiner

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