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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Curiosities |

Kranium, cardboard helmet is 3 times safer than a conventional

Kranium, cardboard helmet is 3 times safer than a conventional

THE Kranium is a helmet that although at first glance it seems that you do not use too much technology, which makes it very well apply good design. We are saying that someone has managed to build a cardboard helmet is also very safe.

The Kranium part as a project Anirudha Surabhi , a student of the Royal College of Arts in London, UK. According account a day with a bike ride not fell too fast and if helmet broke. He thought he had been nothing but the next morning had a major concussion and had to be hospitalized for a few days. This made him wonder why his helmet £ 150 did not work as it should and got this problem and further development of a solution for your project.

For this project took inspiration of the woodpecker, which supports large bumps on his head but mitigated by a layer of cartilage between the beak and skull. With that sought a material that is better than the standard used for over 30 years, polystyrene. In 30 years the level of security offered by helmets has not evolved too. The solution found in a material called Dual Density Comb Honey Board, which is not more than uns structure hexagons made of cardboard with holes in it. This structure allows different resistances at different points.

For example, there are places where it is completely rigid in others allows flexion to 8mm. Polystyrene has a maximum of 2mm. This allows this structure withstand heavy blows while avoid breakage. Since the hexagons are empty, they act as an air cushion and permit addition is 15% lighter than a traditional hull.

Although it seems simple, it is a product that is well researched and tested. The angles at which the various pieces are being studied at millimeter and each piece is cut with a laser to maintain accuracy. Then the parts are immersed in a compound that ensures the impermeability.

It is a town that supports 3 times more energy than normal, is lighter, safer and greener. I do not know to expect a large company to market it.

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