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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Social Networks |

Kred: a transparent measure of your influence in social networks

Kred: a transparent measure of your influence in social networks

Kred is one of the most interesting art tools to measure your influence in social networks and having spoken recently Bitelia on the subject, did not want to stop testing. Developed by PeopleBrowsr, your goal is to identify influencers in communities based on different topics. started Twitter but now only allows also include your Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Generates scores considering the content that a user turns on a social network, who reacts to that and if the user transmits the content of others. In August this year launched Kred Story, using social media data and measures of to produce a line of sight of a user’s activity or hashtag on Twitter.

Similar to in the sense that it generates a score, but while how Klout measures your influence is still a bit dark, Kred boasts full transparency in the way that gives you points and is the only measurement service influence openly publishes its algorithm. “We want to be transparent, so you can really see how we do” said Jodee Rich , founder and CEO of PeopleBrowsr.

Kred gives two measurements:

  • Influence (Influence): the ability to inspire others’ actions, ie measures that someone react to your posts and is based on a scale of 1 to 1000. In Twitter measures the frequency at which you tweeted, the frequency with which you answer and you mentioned and you get new followers, while Facebook get points when your contacts interact with your posts on your wall or your posts on the walls other (a Conditioned that also have registered their Facebook in Kred). In the case of Facebook interactions that count posts, mentions, the likes, the times someone share your content and event invitations.
  • Outreach (Scope): the trend you have to share what we receive from others, this may grow but never falls. The reason? They believe that the ability of your goodness is infinite and so always expect to continue to grow. In June 2012 the highest level reached was 12. Measuring Twitter, you get 10 points every time you do other actions as respond mention or retweet your content, while the fact someone start following counts as one point. On Facebook, the actions for which points are awarded Kred mentions the person, commenting on a post and likes to make posts or comments.

Global Kred addition, which is the total score, we get scores based on the communities in which we Kred considered influential. For example, we have a high Gobal Kred but given the Kred interest group can not be the same, depending on the authority on the subject we have.

Other ways to earn points is when others give you the right (+ Kred), because they consider you a reference on a particular topic. If you give a + Kred, the user gets you 70 points and 30 as a thank you to your action.

Has privacy levels that you can set, choosing from three modes:

  • Public means any action affecting your influence and reach are public and visible to everyone. Follows, retweets and replies appear in your Activity Statement and the user all you’ve interacted with.
  • Private: Your Kred and your Activity Statement are only visible to you. The actions that increase the influence and reach of someone appear in your Activity Statements and are credited to you.
  • Anonymous: Your Kred and your Activity Statement are visible only to you but also your name does not appear anywhere else, and when yours action increases the influence of someone, is attributed to “Anonymous”.

In Kred can prove your influence on a given topic with evidence of actions in your life outside the internet. The possibility of increasing your influence in this direction is variable, ranging from academic or transcendence made certain professions or positions held, until a little more surface data, such as membership in a club or have any hobbies. To “prove” the facts have to upload a video, PDF or photo of your achievement, you can keep private.

One thing to mention is that participation Kred values, not quality of content, so if I make many mentions Kred points although I will not be bringing anything too interesting to the conversation. Kred consider me more “influential” to each reply, but probably my followers feel that I am making too much noise and independently to whom I address my opinion they seem valuable or content.

Kred lets you view data from other profiles, tags and users, and even save a tab for easy access. Very useful if you need to track a brand. In addition to personal data and struts, have other tabs with the top social indicators “leaders” under the influence and another where we see indicators of newspapers tweets retweeted, mentioned the words and messages (including photos, videos and links) more shared. To lower expectations from and I tell them more than they see out there is the face of Justin Bieber and his beliebers.

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