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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

KustomNote, an application to define templates and use them in Evernote

KustomNote, an application to define templates and use them in Evernote

Evernote is a powerful tool for taking that, because of the multiple options, we can help a lot in our daily work and improve our productivity. One of the most interesting details of this service is that, thanks to its API, has given rise to a large and varied ecosystem of applications and services, relying on Evernote, can help us manage our information, our bills or even , to hold virtual meetings and, on the fly, write the minutes of the meeting. The “blank page” that offers can be used in multiple applications either for our work or personal but much prefer flexibility and frightens us build our book on “a foundation” established, KustomNote can help us out.

And what can help us KustomNote ? This application, which certainly was a finalist in the DevCup 2012, offers the possibility of using a large set of to build our notes using file formats and presets (chips to your movie collection to our recipes , etc) that we can clone and modify to your liking as well as defining new templates that we make available to other users of the application to thereby grow the library of available resources.

Create our own templates is a very interesting feature because it can save time when adding new notes to our notebooks. The definition of a template is a very simple process since it is based on the layout of it using the options offered by the wizard (adding or removing fields, setting the labels we assign to the notes, the book in which we use the template or design it will have on the basis of which are defined in the application).

KustomNote, an application to define templates and use them in Evernote image 2

Once defined templates, or having found that we love about the library available KustomNote, we can use from the website of Kustom Note and generate from there our notes, directly, is stored in the book we have defined following the scheme and template design (homogenizing the information we store).

It’s worth checking out (also available as a Chrome application ), for example, to generate an inventory of our albums or our movie collection because, to further facilitate things, we can add queries to third party services and For example, typing the name of an album to see how it auto-download and complete context information to enrich our note.

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