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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Internet, Windows |

LastPass password management leads to windows 8

LastPass password management leads to windows 8

On several occasions we have spoken of LastPass, one of the most popular applications store when our passwords. Lamentablemtente the last time was to tell you that may have been hacked, news that saddened us because many of us rely on it to avoid having to remember passwords.

Available in a wide variety of platafomas and browsers now narrow your Windows version 8 with a dedicated application that will delight all those users who have decided to make the leap to the new Microsoft operating system although this is not out yet defitinitva or official way.

is one of the first applications that come to the store of Microsoft, and a very good recommendation because it comes with pedigree, with the guarantee of one of the industry leaders apps. Unfortunately, this service means that we are connected to the Internet, where we store our data in the cloud, which is fine but at certain times may adversely affect us if, for example, we have been offline for some reason or another.

The application, available in the app store, fully uses the new Metro interface and is very appealing to the eye, although the classic users can also take full advantage of the traditional interface for use and management of passwords faster .

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