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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Apple |

Latest rumors before the iPhone 5

Latest rumors before the iPhone 5

We are just a couple of hours to start a mysterious Apple keynote, where it appears that it will see Tim Cook presented a new iPhone, the as expected, which has been discussed a lot on the web. However, the rumors before his imminent presentation not stop, so then everything you mention has been leaked on the web prior to that could be the most important release of the year Apple.

And his name is …

The question was whether his name would be between iPhone 5, iPhone 6 (thanks to being the sixth model) or “the new iPhone”, due to a possible trend started with the third tablet of the company, which is called “the new iPad” . However, your name will be iPhone 5, and Apple itself has already confirmed that if you search on the official website with the term “iPhone-5″ will get some results that serve as evidence.

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Filter the motherboard iPhone 5

Today has appeared on the web using anonymous sources what promises to be the new iPhone motherboard incorporating a processor chip and A6, confirming that this new smartphone will have 4G connectivity in networks but also includes a surprisingly processor brand new and not A5X incorporating third generation iPad. We hope to learn more about it in just hours. However, so far there is no evidence of a NFC chip in it, so this technology could eventually be discarded.

Support USB 3.0

According to all the rumors that have previously sounded before the launch of the new iPhone, the famous 30-pin connector would be supplanted by a new 9-pin dock, however, analysts say the reduction would not pin the only feature of this new port but would also support USB 3.0, allowing transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps.

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New iPod Touch

It seems that since last year were not born new multimedia devices from the Cupertino, in the keynote today would be presented a new family of iPods including iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and of course iPod Touch.

The latter features include GPS, remarkable improvements in the camera (one of the weakest points of the current generation), nine-pin connector as the new Apple iPhone and begin to standardize on all your devices, integration with other iDevices to through Bluetooth 4.0 and to end a larger screen, like the iPhone 5, but would not share your processor and overall potential.

Just missing hours for the arrival of the new iPhone 5 and the new iPod, as will outline all the throws you make the giant white block in this exciting day for all fans gadgets.

And feel the excitement in the air, including the Apple Store have closed on the eve of their new releases.

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