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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Gadgets, Technology |

Leap, the gadget that will change the way you interact with your PC

Leap, the gadget that will change the way you interact with your PC

Leap is the device that created Leap Motion, a startup located in San Francisco, which lets you control your PC just by moving our fingers, as if we were using a touch screen in the air, all without gloves or other special drivers.

Basically, the engineers have invented Motion Leap what could be the 3D user interface of the future. With this revolutionary device, a small rectangular cube, which connects to the PC via a USB drive and not have to use keyboard or mouse, or even a touch screen. Only with the of our fingers in the air or any other object, such as pens or brushes, as if by magic, with zero latency and pinpoint accuracy are our movements on the screen.

The fledgling company, which collects tens of millions of dollars in product stocks, counts among its ranks prominent figures as David Holz, a former engineer and Andy Miller, a former senior executive at Apple that accompany several veteran employees Company.

To get a small idea of the potential of the device, we must think of a sensor similar to the Kinect , but 200 times more accurate, able to capture our every move with precision, in a space of 4 cubic meters above it .

will not have a booth at CES 2013, but somehow or other be exhibiting at the hand of one of the thousands of companies that have expressed interest in this new technology, companies from various fields ranging from Robotic surgery warplanes, air conditioning systems, televisions, tablets or MRIs.

In addition, Leap Motion has created a kit for other software developers to write applications for the device. So far the company has received more than 40,000 applications from developers, who will receive one unit of product completely free.

The first version of the product, you can reserve right now, will ship in early 2013 for the unbelievable price of $ 69.99.

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