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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Lendle, lends and borrows Kindle eBook

Lendle, lends and borrows Kindle eBook

One of the many questions that we can do when we just buy a or an e-book reader is whether we can continue with our customs “analog”. One of these ways is, of course, lend books. Or exchange books, borrow them from a library, etc.. Although not a simple thing to do (we can move books between acquaintances), the real problem comes when we want a book but can not find it anywhere. For that, we turn to the community of readers. An excellent way to do this is through Lendle , a service of lending books in Kindle format.

is very easy to use and has several differentials that make it unique. For example, when we are “good Samaritans” and render our ebooks, then we gain points which can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon. Which means that when we pay a certain amount of books, can be paid by them. We clarify that it is not an automatic thing: we do order a particular book, Lendle will contact registered users in the database who have-and have not paid for the time and after a while, which is usually a couple of days depending on availability, we have to read.

If you do not have an account at Lendle easily create it: we can synchronize our Facebook or Twitter accounts to create one, or we can do it from 0. Synchronize recommend since it gives us more social features. In a special page can create your username, a custom URL, and more. Now, we can use any email, not just the Kindle. When it finished, the page will ask us to select which books in Kindle format we have. We can go looking through the search bar.

The good thing is that Lendle is very easy to navigate and understand, then we realize that we can not provide absolutely all the books due to the publishing rights, which is not as good but has some minimal sense-and, also has functionalities community. Not only can we provide books, but also can create and participate in book clubs on different topics and authors.

When we go to the page of a book, we have a picture of the cover, a button to buy, another button to say whether we have it or not, and a special announcement to see if you can pay or not. For example, in the case of The Lord of the Rings, for editorial reasons can not be provided, but we can say that what we have and what we have read:

Lendle, lends and borrows Kindle eBook image 2

Here in the case of Catching Fire, one of the popular novels of The Hunger Games, we have no problem to borrow:

Lendle, lends and borrows Kindle eBook image 3

In the side panel we will find the statistics that tell us how many people you have, how many copies are available for loan, how many have been ordered and delivered, and other details-we are only listing the most important.

Another interesting thing is the soundbites, we can leave reviews spoken in each of the profiles of the books.

Lendle made me long to agree GoodReads, a sort of social network for readers who participated and I quite like it. The crucial difference is clearly mentioned features, the loan and the possibility of gift cards work for our good Samaritans. In short, the community features are very similar but these two things give important differential value Lendle.

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