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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in PC |

Lenovo Introduces New All-in-One at IFA 2012

Lenovo Introduces New All-in-One at IFA 2012

If you thought it was over you were not right, and that IFA 2012 continues until tomorrow in the city of Berlin with more releases and surprises. This time it touches the turn of Lenovo, that although they had submitted a new Ultrabook and Transformer Android tablet , now arrives to announce three new models of computers all in one.

IdeaCentre A520

This is the flagship model of the new generation All-in-Ones, Lenovo, with enviable characteristics and design, as seen in the picture above.

Its technical features include:

  • 23-inch IPS display with full HD (1080p).
  • Its touch screen is capable of identifying up to 10 simultaneous touches.
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 to choose.
  • RAM up to 8 GB.
  • Storage capacity of 1 TB (HDD).
  • Optional BluRay drive.
  • Dolby Home Theater v4.

Its graphics are given by integrated Intel card, so it does not offer the greatest potential in gameplay. Finally, its touchscreen is exploited by having operating system Windows 8.

The base price of this all in one is 999 euros.

Lenovo Introduces New All-in-One at IFA 2012 image 2

Lenovo IdeaPad B345 and B545

These computers, lower potential than the IdeaCentre A520, also have great appeal together with a very affordable price. Between those two, have one difference, the size of your screen. Its technical characteristics are:

  • 21.5-inch screen (B345) or 23 inches (B545) Full HD (1080p).
  • Their screens are touch and adds 3D support.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or Core i7 to choose.
  • RAM from 4 to 8 GB.
  • Intel integrated graphics card or you can opt for a NVidia GeForce 615 2GB memory or AMD Radeon 1GB HD7470A.
  • USB 3.0 ports and HDMI.

The revamped series B also features operating system, but what stands out in this model is the amount of benefits that can be customized to suit the user, allowing it to become a potential computer, or one basic starting with a price of just 599 euros.

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