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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Science |

Lesula, in Africa a new species of monkey

Lesula, in Africa a new species of monkey

This has been confirmed by a group of researchers from Yale University, a new of African monkey , commonly called as Lesula. The lomamiensis Cercopithecus thus becomes the second African species found in the last 28 years.

As researchers have, this species lives in the central regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, semi-terrestrial animals that rely mainly on terrestrial herbaceous food as sustenance.

Known as Lesula, the new species holds many points in common with the Cercopithecus Hamlyni, another spice that is separated from the river lomamiensis Lomami.

And how have differentiated? Scientists who have moved to analyze more samples of each species. They did it with monkeys living in their area and other deceased, either by other predators or hunters through the area.

A GPS recorded where each animal was found. From then drew a line on the origin and history of each. Then he went on to analyze every detail physiological and the size of the tails, legs or even their body mass. Finally, we also analyzed the skin of a monkey who was captured and later raised in an enclave near the area where they lived the Lesula.

The end result of all analyzes resulted in this species, monkeys are medium-sized animals, with a thin body, thin with long extremities. They also have a unique feature, a sort of yellow slash covering the entire nose.

A new species to which the community has sounded the alarm. The Lesula are a species that could be considered in danger of extinction due to local hunters and how they use these to market. According to the researchers, in a few years could be at serious risk of disappearing.

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