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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Leveraging Google+ Communities

Leveraging Google+ Communities

A few days ago, Google launched Google+ Communities, an effort to keep adding features to its social network competitive, that despite having an incredible number of users may be having trouble holding and use. However, this new method allows administrators to have another social networking channel and, perhaps, an excuse to finally have a presence on Google+. While anyone can create a Community to talk about different topics, from the side of Social Media Marketing can also be exploited. Then we will tell them why.

What makes Google+ Communities is providing us with a range of new features that really what you are doing is to migrate all the capabilities of Google+ to a particular group. This is what differentiates Google+ Communities, for example, Facebook pages, because these groups within Google+ Hangouts we access, document sharing, and more. Google’s idea is that users will be uniting around shared interests, and form, as indicated in the name, a community. And do not forget that one of our goals as community managers and network administrators is precisely to create a community. Therefore, it can be a helpful tool.

Although it is something relatively new, Google made the announcement on its official blog last December 6, we can think of some ideas to be taking advantage of it. As always, if you are testing Google+ Communities are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

  • Flexibility. Anyone can create a community on Google+, which eliminates some of the restrictions of Facebook in which we need to grant administrator roles to specific users. In this case, can be viewed as positive or negative as well as, depending on the lens through which you view it.
  • Share. Now, with communities is much easier to share. We may share documents and photos, and videos, in the same way we can share links on Facebook. In fact, viewing photos in Google+, at least in my opinion, is much more interesting than Facebook, so that it has become, in some cases, a network of niche for photographers.
  • Hangouts. One of the most powerful tools that are hangouts Google+ account or hangouts. We can arrange meetups between, for example, a representative of the brand, or public figure with whom we contract to provide a differential value to our users. So you can organize hangouts with directors of the company, so that the user has the opportunity to see who is behind executive decisions.
  • Visibility. One of the problems with Facebook, in regards to brand pages, is the extent that we may have. Google+ Communities-in-theory gives us a much higher so until we have a better performance of digital advertising campaigns. So if we started using these communities, we can experiment with new campaigns to get more members. In addition, we indexed publications on Google public communities.
  • More simplicity. On Facebook we have to think about the content, but we must also consider proposals to build Tabs interesting and exclusive content specially developed for the platform. This we can generate a budget surplus that not all customers are willing to pay.
  • Another opportunity. The users are very used to the dynamics of Facebook and, in a sense, the possibility of experiencing is running, combined with the limitations besides getting bigger imposing Facebook to brands that have a presence on the platform. Thus, at this early stage of Google+ communities have an opportunity to start from scratch and explore ideas that maybe we found most difficult to do on Facebook or Twitter.

For those interested, we share with you the Video Google+ Communities:

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