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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Leveraging LinkedIn for our business Pages

Leveraging LinkedIn for our business Pages

Earlier this month, LinkedIn announced improved pages for companies on its platform. Considering the niche of users who have this service, and the range of opportunities presented especially for companies that are constantly in job searches, also adding the ability to make announcements in Spanish on the platform, is being renovated and well. Now, how can we leverage these new profiles to have a stronger presence within LinkedIn and reach more users?

One option is through advertisements, but being so recent, we do not know exactly how it works and whether it will be successful for the line of work we are following. So, let’s wait a bit before giving our verdict on this, and move further along the side of a 0 in the budget that we have around our ingenuity and free tools as a resource. Let’s review some of what they consist LinkedIn Pages before proceeding with our advice.

LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn has about 150 million users worldwide. Do not have the database that have Facebook, but is much more dedicated and is professionally oriented, so we know what we need to be on this network. The platform is strongly connected with companies and brands that are interested in the services we have to offer. Yes, it is true that we can be and Premium users pay, but this is not the main source of income of LinkedIn. This can be seen clearly in the index investors of the company.

The pages are a form marks having more users connect. So we have to have a different approach when creating it. First, we have to evaluate our goals before venturing. What are the chances that we will be taking advantage if we use LinkedIn Pages?

  • Connect with users, potential employees and customers
  • Make updates to create a brand image or inform employees of the company
  • Post Jobs to fill a position quickly
  • Increase online presence in specific markets
  • Create a network of employees and workers who can comment on corporate projects

These are just some of the things we can do using LinkedIn Pages. I recommend to put ourselves first to see what they’re some of the biggest brands, or brands that we have worked through the flap has LinkedIn Companies in the top bar.

How to take advantage

Now that we have defined well what are the uses of LinkedIn for companies, we can talk about how to maximize the opportunities offered by this modality.

  • Post intensely: we may not have to use it the same way we use Facebook or Twitter, but we must also have a strong presence on LinkedIn. For example, we make a daily post will suffice, depending on the use of the tool we have. To have a stable presence on the platform to connect with our users more often will suffice. The intensity of the publications should be set in advance, and modified as time goes on to see what impacts better.
  • Use attractive images: an important aspect that changes in these modifications has LinkedIn is the possibility to add more images as the main banner on the page, in addition to larger images when doing an update. So we have to use to post pictures more attractive, that encourage our users to connect with us and read our publications.
  • Post jobs and interesting products: in addition, we have a privileged position in publishing job offers or new product information in the sidebar.
  • Take the advice of users: users can also recommend our content, so seize to post interesting content, job listings and more, to create more connections within the LinkedIn community.
  • Connect with your employees: when we list our website, we encourage employees to join the company. This, in addition to adding more members to the community, what it does is have additional communication channel to reach out to members of the company, because we can be in a company with different locations, or have many freelance workers. They can also recommend which generates job offers word of mouth effect for more candidates.
  • Generates content interesting point related to the recommendations, in order to become a memorable brand within LinkedIn have to generate platform-specific content, tailored to our users. What I mean by this is that we copy what we’re doing on other social networks, but consider what they are looking for community members.
  • Generates a large network of users: with recommendations-and in any case, the platform-ads can generate a large network of users that will broadcast our brand message, advice, offers, products, and more. Hopefully not happen from one day to the other, probably take a while cultivating a community to interact with us, but we must be aware not to forget that we are there.
  • Experience: Finally, one of the most interesting things we have here is a chance to experiment. Not many brands have such a strong presence on LinkedIn, even the largest companies, so we can be pioneers and not be afraid to make mistakes. In this experiment we can discover the key to create a community and network of people like never before.
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