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Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in Screens and TV |

LG presented new Smart TV interface at CES 2013

LG presented new Smart TV interface at CES 2013

There is no doubt that the next edition of the most important consumer electronics world, the 2013 CES will be full of great new releases in the world of television, being more specific, most of them aimed at the so-called smart TV , is that the Smart TV are becoming more abundant by many companies, and has managed to become popular in this environment. That is why in this will present a new interface, which we already have a preview.

The Korean company will be one of the stars of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in regards to televisions. Today we have made some announcements and open mouths for this event that will take place within just a few days, mentioning that presented a new range of intelligent models of all sizes, highlighting models from 42 to 60 inches.

They also present a new Smart TV interface that will give life to the functions of web browsing and application use of these TVs, but what stands out is a new feature called “On Now”, which show users recommendations programming that is similar to that usually see, so promoting vital content appears to be part of this new interface, which makes sense considering the popularity they have taken streaming services such as Netflix in the world.

Finally, some models will announce NFC tags with “Tag On”, pair and share content and connect with smartphones and tablets, a feature that no doubt grateful.

Studies that really ensure Smart TV (whatever their manufacturer) are used mainly for watching TV, and features “smart” navigation and use of applications are almost nil for users. However, this does not mean that this model of television is failing, and it is more likely that the TV gradually becomes more a computer for the home. This is why companies like LG and Samsung, which also announced a new interface for Smart TV at CES this, are betting in full swing by this technology.

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