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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Screens and TV |

LG Touch 10, new monitor developed for Windows 8

LG Touch 10, new monitor developed for Windows 8

Since the launch of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, we have seen the birth of a lot of desktops, especially models “All-in-one” with touch screens, and laptops. But so has the wave of releases peripherals designed for this platform. Today was the turn of LG in Spain, who have submitted a monitor developed to work with the new Windows and take advantage of all their news.

The LG Touch 10 ET82 specific model, is a 23-inch monitor with an IPS panel technology, which gets its name from having the ability to detect up to 10 simultaneous touch points on the screen, which will have the Using countless gestures and really make the most of all the features of the Modern UI interface (formerly known as Metro UI) of the new Windows 8.

Unfortunately, in his presentation to Spain have not clarified more technical specifications which account this monitor, as what his resolution, but mention some attractive features like the fact that it has support for touch pen or stylus, but clarified that no include any of these with your purchase.

The new monitor 10 Touch will be available in the market in Spain from January 2013 for a suggested retail price of 449 euros.

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