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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Technology |

LIFX, the project of reinventing the bulb through wifi

LIFX, the project of reinventing the bulb through wifi

Much has been made since the invention of the Edison incandescent lamp on the ability to market a lightbulb “eternal”. Since last September 1, the technology that revolutionized the lives of all, the incandescent light bulb, was discontinued and distributed. Now is the time of technology and LED light bulbs on a large scale. With this idea comes LIFX on Kickstarter, the re-invention of the LED through a wireless network that can control from your smartphone.

And what is it? As we see in the video, the idea of Phil Bosua on is to build a light bulb that is enabled through wifi. A “lamp” multicolor through energy efficient LED light that we can control with our iPhone or Android.

LIFX offer full control over the lights of our home record through this technology, reducing energy costs and with a duration of up to 25 years life.

According Bosua Phil, the man behind LIFX:

LIFX meets a need truly backward. Everyone needs bulbs. Existing bulbs are based on archaic technology that threatens our environment. The bulbs consume about 20% of electricity in homes worldwide. They have to be more efficient, smarter and last longer. In the XXI century, people need lighting that matches the “culture smart” and ecological sensitivities aware of today.

With a really simple setup, the researchers behind the project say that the user only has to replace the existing bulbs LIFX. Then we download and install the free app from the App Store or Google Play and ready.

LIFX, the project of reinventing the bulb through wifi image 2

Once installed, the technology offers many options such as:

  • Control lights from anywhere.
  • Choose the intensity of the bulb individually, both which are in a room and throughout the house.
  • It is multicolored, so the app offers the ability to adapt to time we want.
  • The ability to receive notifications from Twitter, Facebook or texts through a signal light that indicates the arrival of messages.
  • Clearly, the reduction in energy consumption and cost savings.
  • Safety mode for when you’re on vacation or away from home for long periods.
  • The ability to create plays of light.

LIFX, the project of reinventing the bulb through wifi image 3

Alongside these possibilities, its creators talk about an upcoming kit, an SDK for developers to be able to launch new applications in the future.

A project that was started two days ago, on Saturday, with wide acceptance in the network. I needed a $ 100,000 funding and the project exceeds $ 232,000.

However, although the project is a step forward in merging new technologies with the use of the bulb in homes or businesses, is to see if it really meets the needs of users. Perhaps not everyone is willing to pay $69 for a single bulb that needs a smartphone and wifi to enjoy full functionality.

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