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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Apple |

Lightning hacked, first copies on the market

Lightning hacked, first copies on the market

The new iPhone 5 , Apple introduced several enhancements and new features that previously analyzed thus differentiating it from previous generations of the phone. A big change has been the new connector Lightning, much smaller than the 30-pin connector carrying models until we were more than accustomed.

One of the reasons why Apple wanted to replace the previous connector for this has to do with the intention to end the third market. It was a ploy to maximize profits by forcing consumers to buy accessories directly to them.

To this end an integrated chip implemented in the connectors themselves which serves to authenticate with the goal of making it more difficult to copy. However, the Chinese company has already achieved iPhone5mod clone, which means there will be a cheaper accessories on the market compatible with the latest phone from Apple.

The company that cloned the connector has already begun marketing a dock with a cable that lights up when connected by $39.9 dollars. If we buy it by parts we disburse $19.9 dollars to buy the dock and another $19.9 U.S. dollars for the cable lights.

This satisfactory Lightning chip Apple would be the beginning of a great connector cloning with subsequent appearance on the market at unbeatable prices, or at least much cheaper than Apple’s official.

Time will tell if Apple manages to stop the manufacture of connectors Lightning party by some legal undertaking or hardening the software authentication system using much more complicated cloning technology.

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