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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Social Networks |

Lightt: a video made fast Instagram

Lightt: a video made fast Instagram

I’m testing lightt and love. To say that is the concept of Instagram for videos is short of having an idea, but the service has other interesting features for those who like photography.

Lightt is an app for that allows a burst of pictures that create something that looks like a short video that will faster than real life, something that looks like a GIF and they call a highlight. They say it’s a new medium, a new way to communicate and does not seem exaggerated.

Why? Because with the tendency to share everything checked out our mobile there was also a number of applications based on the video attempted to posts by users, and no finished off. The difficulty of editing video in not very powerful devices, the type of internet connections that handle most phones did not have the success of others working with Photo updates eg.

But circumvents all that because it takes a burst of pictures in 10 seconds you can edit in a very easy and almost instantly share on Facebook or Twitter, creating a post midway between photo and video upload to internet as fast as a photo but has the extra dimension of movement granted by the video.

How it works

When you enter the application you see a screen with three options: your own videos, the last of your contacts and the last of other service users. On the same screen you have a button to display the menu and the camera shutter to make highlights.

Lightt: a video made fast Instagram image 2

The videos you see happen at a speed greater than real life, but you have the option to freeze or skip forward or backward. The sound is not recorded, making these bursts of images closely resembling those memories that we have in our head and that films often often used as a resource.

Once you’ve captured the images, we can edit the hightlight, removing boxes and adding text to the image. We leave it private or make it public, or share it on Facebook and Twitter at the time.

The application is available for iOS from the iPhone 4 onwards, upon the invitation request lightt website .

Lightt: a video made fast Instagram image 3

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