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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Features, Mobile |

LINE, messaging platform that came from Japan

It is a curious relationship between mobile systems and earthquakes, as I said recently talking about Earthquake Buddy , perhaps because so extreme in these tragedies is when we realize the need to have systems that are always connected when we need them most. Or we see in times of crisis and instability, opportunities for new systems.

LINE is an idea that occurred to NHN Japan in the Tohoku earthquake , when they realized the great damage suffered by the communications system and saw the need for a system based on the data network to ensure its efficiency. They designed an application extremely accessible from mobile devices and desktop Free Shipping allowing messages and calls. The name LINE (line, row) comes from the fact that after the incident, people had to stand in line at the public phones in Japan because these terminals are programmed settings for priority access to the networks during and after an earthquake.

In June 2012, a year after its launch, LINE has 49 million users in over 230 countries worldwide.

LINE, messaging platform that came from Japan image 2

LINE is an instant messaging system as we know, but much more complete. As Whatsapp, multiplatform, since it has apps for Android , iOS , BlackBerry and Windows 8 , but it also has native desktop application for Mac OS X and Windows. As Messages, has access to the program from the desktop, but unlike the previous two offers integrated toll-free service. And it has many features of other applications that we know, with a very careful design, so its interface may remind you Path or Tumblr.

LINE, messaging platform that came from Japan image 3

What can we do with LINE?

  • Messaging and VoIP free calls between users of LINE, both through Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
  • Send videos and voice messages, images and audio also
  • Get real-time confirmation of the messages received and sent
  • Add friends using QR codes or NFC, or allowing access to our contact list
  • Managing messages from computer
  • Send and receive location data
  • Chat with up to 100 people at once
  • Send emojis and “virtual stickers”
  • Send digital postcards
  • Draw on the touch screen and send the drawing
  • Post text, video, photos and images in a sort of blog / tumblr where your contacts can read you comment and give likes
  • Other accounts follow your friends to see what they post them on your timeline

LINE, messaging platform that came from Japan image 4

Virtual Stickers

One of the most curious LINE extras and perhaps his great differential value are virtual stickers, emoticons collections larger than emojis and celebrities or internet culture. There are over 250 collections, many of them free and pay most, with new coming out every week. There are also stickers of events, which are available only for a period of time, as there was for the Olympics this year.

LINE, messaging platform that came from Japan image 5

Android: camera LINE, LINE cards, Brush and LINE LINE Birzzle

Installing other mobile applications can use other functions associated quite interesting to LINE.

  • Customizing photos to social networks: LINE interesting camera has a variety of effects to your photos: add filters, frames, stickers and text to your photos so you can share.
  • Ecards: LINE cards is a catalog of digital postcards to send to your contacts, based on the drawings and designs of stickers LINE to which you can add your text.
  • Draw and make marks: For all those times when you need to explain something drawing, LINE Brush lets you send pictures drawn with your finger on the touch screen of your device and send it to your contacts via a chat.
  • Game: Yes, we have included one of those games superadictivos. This is called LINE Birzzle with the birds there to form lines and score points, but the game really does not interact with the main app LINE, as they do the rest of the apps.

Conclusion: A solid app, stable and very smooth, with a careful design. Easy and fun to use, with all the features you could need in a mobile communications app. recommended.

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