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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Internet, Windows |

Link Manager, the manager definitive links

Link Manager, the manager definitive links

We have often spoken of the importance of the bookmarks, perhaps best known as the favorite and used to store pages that we use in web browsers, or that we have saved aqueyas to visit in the future.

Without them, and with the amount of information we access Internet daily, we would be completely lost, so it is an option that not only incorporate the above web browsers but also complements extensions and even external applications that expand the range of possibilities.

One of them, a step beyond the bookmarking and focused on the generally is Link Manager , a Windows application that comes on the heels of FCorp Software and contains all the tools needed to take full advantage of the favorites and ties.

For example, Link Manger we can do the following :

  • Find links
  • Remove site links
  • Synchronize our links
  • Apply shortened links
  • Organize
  • Automatic translation links
  • Save as PDF destinations

One of the most interesting features is the latter, that of keeping their destinies-links-like PDF pages.

Using is, as I said, focused on the most demanding, but anyone can start to get game, and perhaps the best way to do is import your favorite browsers like Chrome or Firefox, or maybe export our collection ties if we decide to do so.

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