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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Curiosities |

Literature vs Melbourne Traffic

Literature vs Melbourne Traffic

The Spanish collective Luzinterruptus participated last June at the festival Light in Winter , there unfurled a giant installation made up with LED lights illuminated Books glued to its pages. This year the festival was about reading, so the Literature of Traffic Vs Luzinterruptus could not be more appropriate for the occasion. This is a variation of a part that was shown earlier in New York.

In Federation Square over ten thousand books were scattered on the floor, open or closed, alone or stacked on each other but all his little LED light. All books by public libraries were scrapped and collected by the Salvation Army before being destroyed or recycled.

People who went through Federation Square, despite the traffic court, were enthusiastic about the installation. Many were those who stopped to browse among the books and read the odd page. The group explains that the purpose of the work was to change the face of cold and desolate place:

To the other side of the world we went, from Madrid to a sunny summer mild and rainy winter, with the intention of turning romantic and cool modern architecture of Federation Square, in a cozy, intimate human, to invite reading and recollection.

The end of this piece?, The same as the first time we took her out, book a river overflowed physical space for pedestrians and relocate to the assigned to cars, stealing a precious soil to abundant traffic in the area, in a symbolic gesture in which literature from taking over the streets and become conqueror of public spaces, offering citizens a place (not as big as we would have liked) in which the traffic is withdraw to give ground to the modest power of the written word.

The duration of this project was 30 days and then people could take the books home.

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