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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware, News |

Little printer: much more than a small printer

Little printer: much more than a small printer

The creator of one of the strangest gadgets of recent times, the named Little Printer , participated in a sea of interesting interview for The Verge in which he talked about this little device that his company, Cloud BERG , aims to put into our every day.

At first sight it seems more than a bucket with a smiling face. However, the printer includes a small cube roll, as we usually see at the cash register, and an ethernet connection.

Its developers have launched a social hub in a mobile web (compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) from Little Printer which can be controlled to do many things, from printing the news of some newspapers, Instagram Feed or Twitter timeline. Also during the interview with its creator, Matt Webb, mentions that in his experience, is very good to publish lists, reminders of events or hobbies (word searches, crosswords, sudoku) and further states that: “we have to blur the boundary between the physical and digital. “

Little printer: much more than a small printer image 2

In addition to the small printer, BERG Cloud has created a number of tools for anyone to publish content to fit the format of the printer, which is just a website with a width of 384 pixels wide.

Little Printer is available in reserve by 199 pounds (250€), plus shipping, maybe not the most competitive prices. From Gizmodo we will look at your progress when it’s released next October.

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