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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Internet |

Liveblog, an extension of WordPress for live coverage

Liveblog, an extension of WordPress for live coverage

The news flow through the network at high speed and thanks to social networks like Twitter can follow the development of live events around the world and to be informed in real time of what happens. However, when we make a live broadcast or of an event from a web page or a blog, you generally have to resort to solutions like CoveritLive or custom development to update the content automatically preventing the user from having to be constantly reloading the page to access the news published. With a view to address this deficiency in , and since WordPress is the platform used by a number of blogs that perform live event coverage, Automattic (the company founded by Matt Mullenweg and WordPress managed) has released a plugin called liveblog with which we can broadcast events in a very comfortable for both the publisher and users.

The arrival of this plugin for WordPress is a very interesting story because it complements, and much, the features of this web content management (especially from a professional standpoint) avoiding have to resort to third-party services or develop some modification or for application as we can get continuously publish a comfortable manner and that, moreover, the user does not have to be continually reloading the page.

In addition to meeting this goal, we will write our liveblog updates from the front-end of our WordPress, ie without the need to access the blog admin panel from where, in addition, we can drag and drop images (eg folder our team or another browser window) to incorporate the content of our article without using the Image Manager or complicate the procedure and all we can do with any post we release (no need to set any special article ). From the user’s point of view, as mentioned, the post will be updated automatically and not have to reload the page because it will be something that will alone.

To use, after installation, all you have to do is check the checkbox that appears when editing an entry any of our blog and, from there, start working with updates from public view our WordPress easily.

A plugin but must surely be able to test many now that it appears that the presentation of the new iPhone has a date .

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