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Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

LiveMinutes, a web service for organizing virtual meetings for free

LiveMinutes, a web service for organizing virtual meetings for free

One of the services that I like Google+ hangouts are, basically because they have a lot of potential and can be an interesting basis for organizing virtual meetings, avoid occasional movement and, above all, coordinating geographically dispersed teams. Virtual meetings can also organize with Skype (by subscribing to multiple Video calls) or even using SlideShare , but not many free services available also to connect (either through an audio or video) allow us to share your screen, using a whiteboard, share documents or request the minutes of the on the fly. If we are looking for an application that meets all of these requirements may be worth taking a look at LiveMinutes, a free service that also stores all information of the meeting in one of our books in Evernote.

is a free service that participated in Evernote DevCup and was among the finalists (in fact occurred during the Trunk Conference last Friday) that offers the possibility of organizing virtual meetings through its web in a way very simple and with many options.

The service will allow us to multiuser videoconferencing sessions, use a whiteboard to take notes or make presentations (or brainstorming), prepare the minutes of the meeting (or any other document) while celebrating enabling virtual meeting users work collaboratively, share documents stored in our computer, Dropbox, a virtual library (in the app) or content stored in Evernote. Once the meeting is over, all the information we have generated may turn to a report (which we assimilate as the minutes of the meeting) we can put in our digital notebook in Evernote (keeping everything tidy).

LiveMinutes is very simple to use and, from the point of view of the user interface, web application presents a simple, easy and intuitive it requires no great effort to understand its operation time (beyond the interface and tutorial are in English). Moreover, considering that it is a relatively recent product, the set of functions it provides is fairly complete and, in fact, expected future users to be able to offer the possibility of recording vocal conversions are carried out at through the tool and, in the case of being in the United States, you can add the users who are meeting over the phone or using Skype.

LiveMinutes worth trying because it puts a lot of emphasis on making it easy to use and certainly can contribute much to our meetings are much more productive.

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