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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Hardware |

Logitech K810, Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, iOS and Android

Logitech K810, Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, iOS and Android

Logitech is a company renowned in the world of computers to create these fantastic peripherals, but lately with the huge boom in mobile device market, have made him a wink and beautiful accessories are designed to work with an iPad or Android tablets, as the spectacular Logitec K760 . But today has been reinvented and presented perhaps the ultimate for those who use different platforms, the new Logitech K810 that is able to connect to a Windows computer, an iOS and Android devices, simultaneously.

The idea is simply fantastic. Just imagine, we are working on a Windows computer and want to write an email or Tweet from the iPad, and then respond to a contact in Whatsapp from our Android phone. With the new K810 all this is possible only by changing between devices by pressing a button on the keyboard devoted to this task.

Not only this, but this new keyboard is a universal model also comes designed to take advantage of new features in Windows 8 , including its respective button to return to the new Windows Start menu in the hitherto interface called Metro (about to change his name) .

Among its features we find that it is a wireless keyboard that connects via Bluetooth and and is part of the line “Illuminated” Logitech, so it has a backlit keyboard, but because each letter is engraved with laser light will not only over the edge of the key which will achieve better visualization.

About your battery, that promise has a range of up to ten days, thanks to a proximity system that turns the keyboard illumination when put hands to the keyboard, allowing energy savings. The Logitech K810 price is 99.99 euros and will be available across Europe from November.

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