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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Look, simple application for managing tasks and coordinate teams

Look, simple application for managing tasks and coordinate teams

When working within a team, one of the key points to successfully achieve the objectives of a project is taking time to coordination, scheduling and monitoring. Know what our colleagues are working on which projects, is information that is important to have face-to-date address unforeseen or replanificaciones, but document what we do and update the information consign in project management tools often seen, in some cases, as a tedious job. In the network we can find a number of tools to help us take up the tasks we have to undertake and report on what happened to our team things at hand, a good example is Look , a simple tool that will help us to coordinate better with our team without being time consuming.

Glance is a web service with which we can report to the members of our team or tasks at hand, allowing better coordination and capture, very visual, the dedication of all members of a team. The tool is very simple and, to make things easier, it integrates with your Google account (maximum simplifying the registration process) and is also available as an app for Google Chrome .

How it Works As if it were a single table, the names will be discharged of the various members of our team (whom we invite to join and update their tasks and schedules) and the various projects or packages work we have in hand. Each user can register tasks or projects it deems appropriate (logically in order to not become a mess) that will be assigned a color to make them easily identifiable from there, we assign ( or auto-assign us) different tasks for each day, so that at a glance, our team knows what we’re going to work every day.

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Many tools require a good amount of data at the time of discharge tasks or projects, but with this tool you can quickly take a look at the “inbox” of the members of our team (projects in which they will work each day) or, from another point of view, we can see the personnel assigned each project every workday.

An interesting application for those who have not yet dared to use tools and group work to track the projects carried out by members of his team without complicating management too.

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