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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in News |

Lumi, the new commitment of the creators of Last.FM

Lumi, the new commitment of the creators of Last.FM

The creators of Last.FM are back in charge and have announced their new called Lumi. A decade ago revolutionized, in a sense, the music world allowing people to discover new music groups according to their musical tastes. Now, the new startup has the same goal but this time is focused on online content.

Felix Miller and Martin Stiksel are the cofounders of Last.FM music service, popularly known for scrobbling that records all the songs you hear from a multitude of compatible applications. It is emphasized that this is not another service such as Grooveshark or Spotify . The big difference is that Last.FM, from that information shows statistics like suggestions related artists. Furthermore, in 2007 sold the company to CBS and in 2009 resigned, presumably to focus on this new project.

What is Lumi? The first time we install a browser extension that will be responsible for keeping all our history and from our interests and those of users who use the service and have similar tastes will be able to recommending related content.

For this service to work best the more users need better. At first it may not work well at all but as people will use the suggestions encouraging improved since the database is much larger, and therefore there will be more information to users like us.

Whenever we talk of recording your browsing history is concern about privacy. However, the founders of Lumi emphasize it and ensure that is completely safe, anonymous and accessible only by ourselves.

Lumi is still in beta and works by invitation. For now, you can access their website , enter our email and wait for us to choose.

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