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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Science |

M22, detected the first star cluster containing two black holes

M22, detected the first star cluster containing two black holes

Under the name of M22 is the first cluster of stars in the Milky Way that contains up to two black holes. A discovery conducted by American scientists could change the theory that applied so far.

The finding has been published in Nature and is a modification of the theory stating that for every globular cluster could be just a black hole. A widely accepted theory in the community explaining that due to gravitational forces, black holes are ejected only one remaining in the cluster. Explains Jay Strader, one of the astronomers who used the research:

All physical processes we expect to happen are happening in the cluster. Black holes are more massive than stars, which makes the center of the cluster migrate and interact with each other, which in turn causes many black holes are ejected from the cluster.

However, this process may not be as fast as we thought. When there are few black holes, I do not interact with each other and are ejected so quickly, so some stay longer than previously thought.

The globular cluster M22 is in the constellation of Sagittarius, orbiting the Milky Way as if it were a satellite. According to calculations of scientists, could have up to 100 mass black holes with a single in each of up to 20 times that of the Sun

Anyway, the VLA observatory in New Mexico has given to the first cluster of galaxies capable of holding two black holes. A future study could shed new findings, including the possibility that both were increasing in size.

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