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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Apple |

Mac OS X 10.9 could bring Maps integration with Siri and

Mac OS X 10.9 could bring Maps integration with Siri and

One of the news that Apple may be considering for the new version of Mac OS X would be to introduce an integration with Siri and the new maps that came with iOS 6.

According to a report from 9to5mac we learned that developer versions of the new operating system brings a Maps integration with Siri and we could see next year.

So far we know about Siri integration would be similar to that done in the new iPads with iOS 6. What is not known is whether it will appear in the final version, if you get pass the tests or test versions will run on all models accept Mac OS X 10.9.

We also know that Apple plans an integration with the Maps application, hoping that the reviews and have calmed down. The integration would come as a framework available to developers, so they can use Apple maps in your applications. So far this is the only option to our knowledge we do not know if this integration besides Apple would go a step further and launch a specific application for Mac Maps. From my point of view it would make more sense for Apple maps were available on the web, so that all could use and more people will get used to them and they were not tied to a type of machine or operating system in particular. But we know that Apple and “open” rarely go together.

For all we know the development of Mac OS X 10.9 began simultaneously with Mac OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain. There are many options and features that have been loved iOS porting to Mac and although many of these have done in Mountain Lion are others who have been left to go in Mac OS 10.9. We’ll see what they see the light.

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