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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Internet, Present |

Made public the video of the raid on the house of Kim Dotcom

Made public the video of the raid on the house of Kim Dotcom

Last January we were shocked news: Megaupload was closed as a result of an FBI investigation that also had obtained the cooperation of the New Zealand authorities to Kim Dotcom, founder of the service, and its management team . It has always been said that the raid on the house of seemed taken from an action movie made in Hollywood with helicopters and elite players, now that they have made public some Imagens the assault, it seems clear that Dotcom was not exaggerating. Through a documentary made by a TV station in New Zealand have seen some footage of the operation that have seen the light during the trial which reviews the request for extradition to the U.S. and have been used by defense founder to show excessive force applied.

As if the assault on the stronghold it were a dangerous criminal, the New Zealand police deployed helicopters, heavily armed agents, police dogs and several police cars in a “resounding” operation to stop Megaupload founder in his mansion. This exaggeration conducted by the authorities has been one of the points raised by the defense of Dotcom to put on the table used excessive force during the arrest of his client because it was not necessary to go into the house armed with assault rifles or from the air monitor the activity of the mansion.

According to his statement, Dotcom noted the presence of the helicopter because he heard a sound like a rock hitting the window and, of course, could not imagine that the helicopter transport them to the anti-terrorist unit of the police in the country, let alone stop him.

If we did not know that it is the home of the founder of Megaupload, anyone would think that it is the assault on the house of a heavily armed and dangerous criminal.

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