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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in News |

Maglev vehicles may be driven by light

Maglev vehicles may be driven by light

Japanese researchers from Aoyama Gakuin University in Kanagawa have developed a propulsion system of magnetic elements with light. Have managed to move a particular disk 3mm diameter graphite without any external contact. This could lead to a future of maglev vehicles driven by light.

By all accounts, the most important of this feat is that for the first time it has managed to develop a technique that enables real-time control of a disc made of magnetically levitating diamagnetic material and that is also without any contact. Therefore, and due to the simplicity of the technique the scientists hope that the principle can be adapted to different fields of daily life, which could lead to a vehicle adapted to magnetic levitation.

To understand how this works first have to explain that the magnetic levitation occurs because an object has diamagnetism , is the fact that magnetic fields repel. Although all materials have some diamagnetism, the levitation of a body occurs only when these properties are higher than they do attract magnetic fields. Besides overcoming the properties that attract magnetic fields to levitate this material also has to overcome gravity.

Once we can control the material levitating levitation height by two ways. Or change the applied magnetic field or the diamagnetic properties change material. The novelty is that for the first time have been able to change the properties of the material with an external stimulus, in this case the light, or specifically, the heat generated by that light. When the light is changed by the disk temperature it changes its height. If the temperature increases, its height decreases. If we direct the to a point on the disc we just change the temperature in a zone. This temperature change in one part of the disc causes the degree of levitation and thereby change the magnetic distribution, whereby the balance is lost and the disk is moved in the same direction as the laser.

The major applications that researchers see this discovery would be the maglev vehicle driven by light or light to energy converters.

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