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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Apple |

Mailbox for iPhone, the iOS mail becomes simpler

Mailbox for iPhone, the iOS mail becomes simpler

With the purchase of Sparrow by Google looked like we were running a good email application on iOS. If it is true that the official Apple app is not bad but it’s always good to have alternatives. Sparrow was one of them but today we have a new player and also looks great. Called Mailbox and these are its main features.

Mailbox is an application that aims to reverse the way we organize emails. While Sparrow was better than Mail because it offered more and better options, Mailbox moves under three simple premises to help about how to manage better with our mail.

We have the option to keep emails in our inbox, save the emails for later and get rid of them quickly. All this makes it a very simplistic interface and very intuitive gestures game catching much borrowed from Clear since it also shows colors that work very visual.

As for these gestures are quite simple. To archive an email will suffice with a short slide to the right and will inform you with a green color. To remove it we will do a longer shift to the left and will inform you with a red color.

The function is perhaps the most interesting is to save the email for later. If slip to the left you will see a yellow and a window will appear in which time we will have various options. Later (three hours later), tomorrow, this weekend, next week, etc.. What it will do is remove the application is email inbox and we again present at the time indicated.

It functions as a “Read Later” from which we are accustomed to use to save texts. So we avoid having to deal with emails that are not suitable for the time of day in which we are. Otherwise it is a client that runs on a regular basis. Maybe you need a greater integration with Gmail to have labels so you’ll have to assess that need more functions.

The application will come in the New Year at a price to be determined.

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