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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Mailbox: The application will improve the email experience on iOS

Mailbox: The application will improve the email experience on iOS

Within the world of entrepreneurship, few have opted to improve the experience of using email. The way we read and send emails far not been touched for 30 years. Mailbox emerges as an idea of the use of the app Orchestra (the best in productivity in the App Store in 2011). Orchestra team decided to add value to the way we read and send our emails after discovering that through this medium was reached whereby more lists.

The developers of this new application intended to give a new approach to the way we use our inbox. Through a simple gesture with your fingers you can make in that time you would like to read your emails, you can choose whether it’s morning, the weekend, and later other options.

is about prioritizing the emails that interest you, is to make your tray according to read it as suits your schedule and above all, simplify its use as you would use a social networking client or even sending SMS. The application is targeted for use in mobile and interfaces are really something worthwhile, simple and aesthetically pretty good.

They are not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s not about reinventing the email, it’s about making it more functional and productive, especially, forget some use in desktops and prioritize mobile.

In the words of the creators of Mailbox

We are taking the best experiences based on apps you use every day and applying them to this medium archaic. It’s a new way to see your email, when you use it for the first time, we expect you to say “of course”.

The points that attack to change the way we read and send emails:

  • client designed a functional and easy to use.
  • Prevents the user to read emails that are not relevant to the pass and gives the possibility for another time or delete these messages instantly.
  • Take the trend of using mobile devices.

Here’s a demo of the application:

User Experience promises a lot, the application will be launched sometime in 2013 and will be compatible with Gmail , you can only use on iPhone but could not rule out in the future reach the iPads and even other platforms like Android and Windows Phone . Nor can we forget that if it is successful, run the risk of giants like Google try to acquire the talent behind Mailbox.

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