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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Education |

Maily: childproof email from iPad

Maily: childproof email from iPad

Maily is the first email that allows children to communicate independently with family and friends. The first thing many parents ask is for your safety. And is that one of the concerns of those who have permanent dependent is that difficult balance between liberty and security: making the world know their young without at risk. At the end of the day, and getting that balance between avoiding curb his curiosity and his desire to communicate with others, and that logic concerns about the risks that may exist in an open environment where our child can be exposed to strangers without our supervision.

Maily resolve this in a very effective, because it allows us to set up an account for very small children (even if they can not write, because it allows them to send pictures and do not need to read to use) and maintain control over it. Children from 3 years of age can enter the free app, draw or add text and pictures and finally send their compositions to the contacts in your account preconfiguremos. We can set the app to notify us whenever the child sends a message and even authorize.

Maily: childproof email from iPad image 2

The application is very fun and intuitive for children and has several options. Draw something with a basic palette of colors including brushes and pencils, writing text with the keyboard, including images of characters and objects and events, take pictures with either house of the (default leaves the front), with optional timer and establish funds for messages.

All contacts that children send drawings or messages can be answered from the application and your messages will also be seen by us. In our mailbox we will see all emails that have been sent and what contacts, and have the option to continue adding or removing connections, and configure them with a photo of themselves or a nickname by which the child knows them. In the gallery below are more screenshots for you to see how you see the messages from the control panel and how they are adult children.

Maily: childproof email from iPad image 3

An application designed for the iPad and that undoubtedly exploit all possibilities and ease and intuition of children to use, and also an excellent way to begin to familiarize them with a communication tool that will be used as necessary to their life as future like email. It is free and can be downloaded from the App Store .

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