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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Software |

Malware on Android tripled in Q2, 2012

Malware on Android tripled in Q2, 2012

The security firm Kaspersky recognized just published its latest study on different mobile malicious code, and the results have not been more concern in the field of operating system Android, which is that the has tripled in the mobile platform Google in just three months.

Comparing monitoring the firm carries on malicious code or malware coming to the Google Play Store, or most available applications in unofficial sources and unreliable, in Q2 of 2012 were nothing less than more than 14,900 wanting threats affect users of this platform, a number never before seen in such a short time, and certainly alarming.

Of these almost 15 thousand malware most was “multi-functional Trojans”, ie Trojans aqueyos type codes that have been created in order to steal private data from smartphones or tablets, such as passwords, addresses emails and personal data, as well as download and install programs from remote servers.

However, the most worrying was that 18% of malware threatening to Android, since it consisted of those codes that are cast in the devices and give hackers complete control over the infected terminal, who could even steal data credit card user to make purchases using virtual or Google Play Store.

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Lab makers are very concerned with this situation. One of the main analysts for the firm Malware, Yuri Namestnikov says:

“This last quarter was more than worrying situation, so that in future we are hoping to see more threats come not only for malware, but this worm will be more dangerous and effective, including more serious attacks such as theft of money from users of these devices. “

However, as mentioned earlier, much of this malware does not reach the Google Official Shop Play Store, but lies in applications that are available for download from unofficial sources such as websites, forums and of course download , repositories pirates. Therefore, a good way to protect your Android device is only downloading malware applications from Google Play.

Kaspersky also recommends their services to protect against viruses and other threats on mobile devices: Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Security Tablet. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Google still has not spoken to these worrisome threat data in their mobile OS. Will they do it?

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