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Manage your mail with the best new features in Gmail

Manage your mail with the best new features in Gmail

is one of the best services of email that can be found on the network and, in just over 8 years, has become the preferred choice of many users (and also for businesses using Google Apps). Properly manage our emails may save us time and therefore increase our productivity , a detail that Google tries to help us to make improvements to, in many cases, come from that “experimental cuisine” When Gmail Labs called Google validates some of these improvements, or rather choose to “graduate them”, they are incorporated into Gmail and functionality and are precisely three new features found in Gmail and that can help us better manage our messages.

Quote selected text is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting improvements that Google has built from Gmail Labs This functionality is similar to something that we can find in Thunderbird and that, really, is quite useful when we want to answer a Mail that is very long in length and which we discuss only one part. When we respond to a message, normal, is to quote the entire original text (end of message) and write our answer but thanks to this feature, you can select a piece of text in the message to respond and, after pressing the button ” answer “, cite only that portion of the message in our response.

Manage your mail with the best new features in Gmail image 2

Within Gmail settings find two new features deployed by Google yesterday. Send & Archive is one of these developments and, in principle, is disabled by default but could activate to add a new button to the drafting of the messages. A new button? With what sense? The idea is simple, activating this option you can send messages and also archive them directly (saving us a click and have to organize our emails tray).

Manage your mail with the best new features in Gmail image 3

Reply all is the last of the improvements and, in my view, worth having in mind to not let anyone behind in responding to a message. When we answer an with multiple recipients, if you click on “reply” respond only to the sender and although there is an option to “reply all”, by inertia tend to respond and let us give people outside communications. Enabling this option when responding, by default, will be responding to all recipients and, of course, we’ll save the typical forwarding message with the message “Sorry, I forgot to give reply to all”.

Three new details that we can enjoy arriving in Gmail and willing to help you manage better our messages and save some time.

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