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Manage your portfolio of clients with a CRM

Manage your portfolio of clients with a CRM

If handle communication with individual can be tricky, imagine what can happen when they start to multiply, and also talk to various members of the organization a thousand different ways, in this age of social networks and multiple communication channels.

Care for and manage their data and communications is something that any business, large or small, should be set aside. That there are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs that centralize all those files customer information for several people in a company have access and may have a global view of the contacts with whom to work.


There are more or less complex programs according to the needs of each organization. For small and individual users as there are some Highrise , 37signals solution. Highrise first has a very nice design, making it very easy to use. Allows you to import and export contacts, add contacts and tasks related to users (Tasks) and create Cases, which are folders where you can put all the information related to a topic. It has a very good integration with email, so that if the blind copy to keep conversations with your contacts, add an email that gives Highrise, copy these emails in the archive within Highrise for anyone to have access to what was discussed with the contact in question. It also integrates with LinkedIn, so it shows all the data that your contacts are in this network.

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There are few or as small companies that use some or any of the Google Apps from Gmail to other services. If this is your case, you might want to know Streak , an extension for Google Chrome that we have recommended.

Streak, to connect to Gmail, changed its interface slightly to unify customer messages, track sales and even schedule sending messages to certain hours. By “Boxes” and other options that integrate into your emails can configure what you need according to your activity. It has options for such an editor can keep track of issues on which your team is writing, or for tracking sales and investments. Changing the Gmail interface is minimal and nothing invasive, with added options is undoubtedly very practical and useful.

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Heap CRM

A separate application Chrome but email is Heap CRM . Its design is not the most remarkable in the world but includes many functions that can be very helpful to professionalize customer management of any organization.

Automation has tools to track via email or Google Docs. Apparently to import contacts from CSV, but to me it has given me some problems for days and I have not been able to. I hope it’s temporary.

Besides calendars, messages and email integration, ability to integrate Google Apps, Chrome and Twitter, and templates for events, allows generation of reports, including reports of searches. It also offers offline access from multiple mobile devices, including BlackBerry 6, Palm Pre / Pixi, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There is a free trial option for a user, if you want to add more, you have to pay $ 9 for the first user and 5 by the following. More information on the website of WBP Systems .

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Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM allows testing with up to 5 people and sufficient data for use in post resources of an enterprise. Each of these users are roles: sales staff, marketing or administration, and we can choose what we will use to prove it.

It integrates with Twitter to monitor it from within the tool. It also has lists, ability to generate reports and send PDF and generate documents and knowledge base items within the same application. Integra has RSS and automation to manage different processes: sales forecasting, document management, opportunity tracking, sales teams and territories.

It has developed apps for iPhone and Android. The cheapest plan of $ 30 a month. To prove it, give seven days a demos with all the preloaded data.

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