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Manages activity Chrome extensions easily

Manages activity Chrome extensions easily

The Google Chrome extensions are usually very helpful, because they can expand the functions of the browser and add some others that allow us to do-almost-anything without having to switch windows.

However, not everything is perfect. Some extensions are scheduled to run on a particular site, for example, those that are necessary to view content on some pages that broadcast via streaming video. Also we may need to manually disable an extension every time you access a page that does not work well because of this, which is really annoying, especially if the extension does not have an icon on the toolbar that allows us to do quickly.

Fortunately, these minor problems can be solved easily with Automation Extension , a plugin for Chrome that allows us to program the extensions on or off depending on the websites you have open.

For a better idea, suppose we have installed Flash Block extension that prevents running movies. Swf anywhere. When visiting a site like Youtube, we find that we can not see the video while we have the extension enabled, so we must manually disable Flash Block to enable the player again, as we know, is made in Flash.

Manages activity Chrome extensions easily image 2

With Automation Extension, everything is much simpler:

  • The first thing to do is select the action you want to execute: activate (enable) or off (disable)
  • Then choose from the list of installed extensions, that we want to enable or disable
  • Finally, write the domain on which we want to apply the exception. In this case,, as shown in the image.

In the same way we can create all exceptions we deem necessary, regardless of the extent or website.

To manage the list of exceptions that we have scheduled, we can access the configuration options of the extension itself. From here you can create, modify and delete the parameters we have set previously.

Beyond solving the problems mentioned at the beginning, Automation Extension may be useful to disable extensions associated with the operation of sites not visited regularly, and avoid unnecessary resource consuming. It would also free up space on the toolbar, especially if you have many icons of extensions that are not in operation permanently.

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