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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Managing Foursquare for brands

Managing Foursquare for brands

We have spoken about many options that have brands on social networks. Pinterest, Instagram and other social novel that may not have the same user base than Facebook or Twitter, but they give us a range of interesting features that allow us to communicate other things-and differently-to our users. Today, for a change, going back to see how you can take advantage of one of the biggest booms in recent times: the location platform Foursquare. If we are a brand, how can we use it to improve our online presence?

Fortunately, for a while also opened a space for brands in its service, which provides other functions other than those that can be accessed with a user profile. With profiles for can access different ways to interact with users without losing sight of the overall purpose of the application. That, remember, is to make “check in” at different places you go to collect points and badges or insignia given to us by certain activities.

We can choose two different ways to enable Foursquare profile. This depends on whether we have a physical location where we can check in and we invite our followers. If we do not, then you should make a simple page for brands. Some examples of these pages are, for example, BlackBerry, Sony, MTV, and even Starbucks frappuccinos. What they have in common is that they are international companies that have not only a local, but several, or are companies that reflect a lifestyle, and are in turn resold by other networks without a proper trade.

The second way we can create a brand profile is the option of the Foursquare platform for companies . Is allowing us to claim that there are places in Foursquare before our arrival-venues created by users that should be being managed by us, besides outlining different forms of interaction. From now on we will refer to this second way to create a profile, it seems to us the most profitable-we’ll see why in a few lines.

As with all tools, in the case of Foursquare also have to think about whether we should have it and use it. If you are a company, for example, which is not open to the public, we do not have offices to be visited too often by people outside the company, then we will not want or we’ll be interested too Foursquare. However, for companies that have stores is another great way to communicate with users. It is also very easy to moderate, so it should not take more than a few minutes for a professional CM-that is, if there are too many shops and comments.

As a brand, what are the best ways we leverage Foursquare?

  • Locations: If you’re administering the social networking profiles of a brand that has several shops, open when Foursquare first thing we must do is to “reclaim” the different locations we have in our city through a special button report them . After being reported it is likely that we are given the title of manager of the venue in order to take full advantage of all that Foursquare gives brands.
  • Offers and promotions: the “specials” are the most interesting things it has to offer this platform for users. Create an offer is very simple, can be done easily via the web -. Try to create offers that have a real attraction for the user. For example, I have seen many cafes which I applaud you for using the tool let Specials but I really confused to see that it is “10% less in coffee.” Consider giving concrete benefits that encourage users to check in at our venue, instead of making our offer an accessory.
  • User: how can we make Foursquare users are more interested in visiting our store? Many of them tend to revise their tips before going or coming. So, in addition to the tips of our users, we can leave our own tips, discounts and more.
  • Tips: Speaking of tips, I think it important that as far as possible will meet the user tips. Many can be especially evil when leaving a recommendation on a local, so if you had a bad experience we have to be the first to read it and reply accordingly, and not let that cause particular tip that many other users decide not come. Recall that a negative comment is worth far more positive.
  • Analytical tools: Foursquare also offers a good analytical tool for refining our strategy to go. What we can do, for example, is to determine at what time are entering our consumers to create a special offer, see what gender they are most check in to create a special just for girls or boys, for instance fool – and much more that we can only do if you look especially analytical tools.
  • Deputy visual content: it is important to attach pictures with high aesthetic content or that differ from the pictures of users taken with their mobile-or all elements of our website. After taking it Foursquare can make recommendations, and we have to have stunning visuals to attract more users.
  • Create custom badges: one of the most interesting tools that gives us page for brands is the ability to create custom badges and insignia in accordance with our brand or store. Creating them is a bit tricky: they are the only tool that requires payment Foursquare, badges and ideas must be preapproved by the platform team implemented before. If you have the budget and we have an original idea to reward our users, we can take it forward.
  • Flexible API: if we hand a developer can do to generate something to integrate into other websites. The Foursquare API is quite flexible and gives us many possibilities. This will also show that we are active in the network, something that many users can not say about the brands they follow.
  • Integrates Foursquare on your blog or site: plus options own API, Foursquare gives us the possibility to add a Like button to our blog or website for users to immediately “like” our page without entering or using the mobile application. It is very similar to the pit of Facebook or Twitter. They also have a button to save and recommend venues , which can be used in many cases. Everything depends on how we want to use the tool.

These are just some advice as we always say, the strategy of a brand in different social networks vary according to your needs and the types of users that will attract. Foursquare is a great tool that I think is not being properly utilized by all companies, especially in Latin America where the deals are scarce and only take place in some locations. With the ever rising number of smartphones in the world, geolocation is a gamble that should not be allowed to do. Nothing is lost by creating an account on Foursquare, and in fact, there are several things to win.

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