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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Social Networks |

Manual or automatic retweet Retweet: Which to Use?

Manual or automatic retweet Retweet: Which to Use?

Since incorporating retweeting function machines with a single click, you have two ways to play a tweet foreign to our fans: the lifetime, it was the manual, ie writing RT + at + name tweeted and copying / pasting the original text, or which arises when we click on the retweet option, which reproduces the original tweet directly to our timeline.

Since the results are often not the same, there are conflicting opinions on whether or intentions to each other using one method over another.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

RT Automatic

  • Displays the user’s avatar retuiteamos and not ours: it may be because the retweet go unnoticed or call attention to your avatar or username. The fact that our followers continue to tweeted or not, or the avatar or a nickname is very striking or opaque, all this can influence the level of visibility of the tweet.
  • You can not add anything to the original tweet: this is one of the main reasons why it continues to use the RT manual.
  • Absent section mentions the person you retuiteas.
  • The retweet is erased if the person deleted the original tweet.
  • Some measurement tools only record breakers.
  • Such retweet can be disabled by the user will not see retweets of others in your timeline, which does not occur with manual retweets.

RT Manual

  • Being a tweet rewritten by us, is not lost in the case in which the deletion of your original tweet tweeted. This is valuable and consider if we want to keep that tweet was deleted although the author. Obviously it is best to take a screenshot, but in any case also serves to make the manual RT to spread the message among our followers.
  • Adds information to our opinion or original tweet hashtags. One of the features that make it rewarding to Twitter is, how meanings are constructed and dialogues through a tweet, through the contribution of others. It’s always good to get that feedback and automatic RT does not allow, at least in the same tweet.
  • By having the name of the person who wrote it, processes it as Twitter Mention, and is quickly noticed by the person who wrote the original tweet. Otherwise, making an automatic RT, the only person going to see if the tab “Interactions”.
  • A disadvantage is that the RT is not “validated” by Twitter, that is, if the original tweet is lost or deleted, only depends on our remaining credibility that tweet there as witnesses, because we could have written us and retweet shaped there was no way to check.

Surely there are more advantages and disadvantages according to the use that we give, and it’s good to know in order to make best use of the tool. If you have further comments according to the use you have, I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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